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This is http://icarc.org hosted at n952.ooguy.com

RF Meeting Outline .

November Meeting 11th. will be over the repeater using JITSI for visual aids

December Meeting 9th. will be over the repeater using JITSI for visual aids

January 13th. 2021 may be over the repeater using JITSI for visual aids

Febuary 10th. 2021 may be over the repeater using JITSI for visual aids

March 10th. 2021 may be over the repeater using JITSI for visual aids

April 14th. 2021 may be over the repeater using JITSI for visual aids

Skywarn Net Operations page

Special Announcements

JITSI Open Source Meeting
        Monthly Meeting Link
        Sunday Evening Net Link

Field Day Notes

ICARC 2021 Field Day occurs 26 and 27 June 2021


Welcome to the Iowa City Amateur Radio Club (ICARC) home page,
your information source for Amateur Radio in Iowa City and Johnson County, Iowa.

For complete information about the club, please click on the "About ICARC" topic in the menu bar above. This page contains a great deal of information about the club, including membership requirements, a membership roster, club officers, a brief history, club incorporation documents and by-laws, and details on a wide range of club activities.

You may contact ICARC through this link or by "snail mail" at: ICARC, PO Box 4, Iowa City, IA 52244-0004. (Note: To use the email link above (or email links anywhere on this site), you must have JavaScript enabled in your browser.)

ICARC meetings are normally held at 7:00 PM on the second Wednesday of every month, currently at the Pizza Ranch, 171 Highway 1 West, Iowa City. For current meeting information, please see the "Upcoming Events" section, below. Visitors are always most welcome!

We also have a Facebook page. Please visit us there!

Interested in becoming a member? Please see the "Membership" section on the "About ICARC" page for details and a membership application form.

Click to visit ARRL'S Public Service page Click on the icon to the left to visit ARRL'S Public Service page for more information about Amateur Radio's emergency capabilities.

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Email Notes

Club email is manually handled by sending your traffic here:

I have been getting several bounces with each mailing.
Contact your provider to resolve this.
I'll try to list the providers at fault and the error type here:

I think I can update the management scripts and tools to deal with an arrl alias.
If this works, the scripts will use the arrl alias, if listed in the roster, before the home email.

Upcoming Events

October Meeting

VIRTUAL MEETINGS on 156.850 repeater these days
The regular meeting of the Iowa City Amateur Radio Club will be held at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, August 12, 2020.

Usual meeting place is:
        The Pizza Ranch
        171 Highway 1 West
        Iowa City.
Buffet and pizza are, of course, available at this venue. Be sure to watch this web page for late-breaking updates!

Note: Before the meeting, Members and visitors are invited to get together for an informal meal and socializing before the meeting. Please feel free to join us there any time between 6:00 and 7:00 PM. Note that since the meeting begins at 7:00 PM, it would be best to arrive for dinner by 6:30 to 6:45.
We hope to see you there!
Please consider bringing a ham guest, either a non-member or an inactive member.

Davenport Ham Fest

Hamfest/Convention: 11/01/2020 - 49th Davenport Radio Amateur Club Hamfest
Location: Iowa National Guard Armory
                5300 West Kimberly Road
                Davenport , IA 52801
website: www.arcsupport.com/drac
Time: 08:00 - 15:00
Entry Fee: $7 in advance
                  $8 at door
Prizes: drawing at 12:00
      radios x 3 Talk-In: 146.28/88 (PL 77)
Public Contact: David Treimer ,WA0YSO
provided by W1HAM 12-Oct on W0JV!
Sponsor: W0BXR Club
Website: http://www.arcsupport.com/drac/

South East Iowa Ham Fest

?? 2021       0700 hours to 1430 hours

Is NOT in West Liberty These Days!

Now happening at the Louisa County Fairgrounds down in Columbus Junction.
Down 218 to the C.J. exit at Hwy 92.
The fairgrouds are on the southeast corner or town.
Testing starts at 0930 ends at 1130
Don't forget your mask!

The club has a table w/electricity inside so come and bring a bit of stuff to sell and promote the club!
Emmet will be there dressed in his Darth Vader mask...

Next Fox Hunt

?? 2020 10:00 Hickory Hill Park
Listen in on the Sunday Evening Net and the
Friday Evening FoxHunt Net to let us know your preferences.

We have been at Hickory Hill Park due to it being remote, under used, and not too far to walk.
Please bring sanitizing wipes, or soap and paper towels to the event to wipe down any items that are handled by others (like the fox transmitters).
We have sufficient resources to satisfy the needs of novices and experts these days.

Fox Hunt

Southeast Iowa Hamfest

Southeast Iowa Hamfest
Sunday, October 4, 2020
New Location, to be determined

VE (Volunteer Examiner) Session

VE Logo
The Moday April 6th. VE session was cancelled.

Field Day 2020

Field day is held thon the 4th. weekend in June each year.

We have a small album of 2018 Field Day pictures.

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What is Amateur (Ham) Radio?

This section was suggested by Brownie Girl Scout leader Carla Rodriguez and her daughter Willow. Her Troop has been talking about ham radio in their meetings lately while learning about emergency preparedness and communication skills. One of the girls mentioned that her grandfather and father have been ham radio operators for many years, and all the girls are really interested! We hope you will be, too!

Willow found a great introductory web page, and I am pleased to publish a link to it here:

This web page concludes with a list of many interesting links to other web sites about amateur radio. The first one, which I will repeat here, is this page, published by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL):

My thanks to Carla and Willow for providing the inspiration for this section!

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Special Announcements

Weather Spotter Safety

Skywarn ®  
NWS is now conducting the spotter training via webinar on Tuesday and Thursday

We have provided a page of Weather Spotter Safety information (from the National Weather Service) to remind you of proper safety procedures when you are engaged in spotting severe weather for the Johnson County Skywarn® Net. Please read this information before you become active in Weather Spotting, and review it every month or two during the severe weather season!

Please Keep Your 2 Meter Radio ON!

2m Radio
To truly make amateur radio a valuable emergency communications tool here in eastern Iowa, and to make our local amateur community more welcoming and open, we must all resolve to keep our 2 meter radios ON, both at home and in our automobiles, at all times (except maybe when asleep!). You should try to monitor at the very least the 146.85 (WØJV) repeater. If you have scanning capabilities on your radio(s), it would be helpful to include the 147.15 Coralville repeater and the national simplex frequency (146.52 MHz) as well. And, if you are so truly lucky as to have a dual-band FM radio, there is some activity on the 444.75 MHz repeater, too.

Let's all give it a try! Keep the radio on, and respond when somebody announces "KØXYZ monitoring". Most importantly, respond to visitors to our community who are looking for directions or just somebody to talk to as they pass through town. We can have a much more enjoyable, open and friendly hobby if we all will simply have QSOs with other local hams or travelers as they pass by on the Interstate. It doesn't have to be a half-hour "rag chew" -- short "How are you today?", or "Can you believe this weather?" QSOs are often quite adequate.

So, how about it? We'd love to hear you on 2 meters!


ARES: Amateur Radio Emergency Service http://www.arrl.org/ares/

FEMA Independent Study Program

CERT: Community Emergency Response Team


MARS: Military Auxiliary Radio System

Military Auxiliary Radio System
MISSION - The United States Air Force Military Auxiliary Radio System provides contingency communications support on behalf of the men and women of the Department of Defense and other U.S. Government users in support of their important and diverse national security missions whenever, however and wherever required..
VISION - To support the Department of Defense and U.S. Government in any manner ... www.mars.af.mil Military Auxiliary Radio System
        Home [www.mars.af.mil] MISSION - The United States Air Force Military Auxiliary Radio System provides contingency communications support on behalf of the men and women of the Department of Defense and other U.S. Government users in support of their important and diverse national security missions whenever, however and wherever required.. VISION - To support the Department of Defense and U.S. Government in any manner ...

QSO Today

Register and then login.

Davi K0LUM

Share a Radio Program

If you have never been on HF and would like to find out what all the excitement is about, the Share a Radio program provides a way for you to become acquainted! Share a Radio allows hams who have little or no HF experience or who do not currently have an HF station to team up with hams who do have HF stations for a demonstration or to get some time on the air. When visiting a station, you may use your own call sign and log while operating under your own license class privileges; or with the station owner as control operator, you may enjoy the "Extra Class" experience. Please visit our Share a Radio page for more information!

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For Sale...

Offered by Jonathan Poulton:

Updated 20 Mar 16:15
I would like to sell lots of radio equipment that I'll no longer use and have put together the attached pdf.
jonathan-poulton (at) uiowa (dot) edu

Post your ad here!

Contact the webmaster through one of the email links on this page.

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Real-Time Propagation Information

 Solar X-Ray Flux: N3KL Down?
 Geomagnetic Field: N3KL Down?

Solar-Terrestrial Data
Click to visit GOES X-ray Flux (5 minute data)   Click to visit 3-day Estimated Planetary Kp-index Monitor

For weekly propagation bulletins, please visit the ARRL's W1AW Propagation Bulletins web page. A new bulletin is posted every Friday. Also, N6RT's excellent Propagation page is a great resource.

DX Code of Conduct

Click to visit DX Code of Conduct
(The following is from the DX-Code web site. This should be required reading for everyone who chases DX. Please read and heed these rules -- or, even better, a copy of the Code in PDF format is available here for you to print out and hang over your operating desk! Just think how much more pleasant DXing would be if only everyone followed these rules!)

It is no secret that the on-the-air behavior of hams, especially in pileups, has gotten worse in the last few years. Unpleasant, uncivil, impolite behavior of our fellow hams reduces the enjoyment of our hobby.

It does not have to be that way nor should it be. Impolite behavior is counter-productive and simply inconsistent with the aim of our hobby, to have fun.

Just as we work to improve our technical skills, we should all aspire to hold ourselves to the highest ethical operating standards. This Code is a reminder of the high ideals of which we are all capable.

  • I will listen, and listen, and then listen some more.
  • I will only call if I can copy the DX station properly.
  • I will not trust the cluster and will be sure of the DX station's call sign before calling.
  • I will not interfere with the DX station or anyone calling him and will never tune up on the DX frequency or in the QSX slot.
  • I will wait for the DX station to end a contact before calling him.
  • I will always send my full call sign.
  • I will call and then listen for a reasonable interval. I will not call continuously.
  • I will not transmit when the DX operator calls another call sign, not mine.
  • I will not transmit when the DX operator queries a call sign not like mine.
  • I will not transmit when the DX station calls geographic areas other than mine.
  • When the DX operator calls me, I will not repeat my call sign unless I think he has copied it incorrectly.
  • I will be thankful if and when I do make a contact.
  • I will respect my fellow hams and conduct myself so as to earn their respect.
For a detailed discussion of the Code, please visit DX-Code.org.

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What's New?

News of the day.

MORE Radio DF toys!

Another project is in the works, this one a receiver dedicated to radio direction finding in the 2M or 70cM bands.
The Presentation material from the October 2020 Meeting is linked here.

Video Conference Initial Testing

We are rolling out (or at least giving it a try) a video conferencing system for the monthly meeing.
This, we hope, will allow us to present an interesting program, much as we would at our (seemingly ancient) face-to-face meetings.

We plan to use the Sunday evening net to stress test the system prior to having it in active use for the August Meeting.

Links to the video conference may be found near the top on the primary ICARC web page.
Clicking on the Sunday Evening Net Link will take you to the Local Area Nets page where the actual link to the video conference meeting.
Please let us know how it works for you.

Here are links to the sunday evening net page and the monthly meeting page.
Links to the JITSI video conference are there:
    JITSI Sunday Evening Net Presentation Page
    JITSI Monthly Meeting Presentation Page

Meeting Location Information

Meeting Location Changed to Pizza Ranch in Wardway Plaza
Pizza Ranch is reopening, please let us know if you would like to resume face-to-face meetings.

Web pages status

I am working slowly to make these pages html 4.01. If you refresh and get garbage, or no response, try again in a few seconds.
I'm also working to increase the contrast of the page.

The web server does not serve encrypted pages (https: will not work).

Other odds & ends

  • MFJ 249 Analyzer
    • Mike
  • March 2020
  • February, 2020:
    • UIARC Monday Technician Classes
    • 309 VAN 18:30
    • Runs until 06 APR
  • December 18, 2019:
    • Web pages have moved over to KC0JFQ server.
  • December 11, 2019:
    • Election of Officers
  • October 29, 2018:
    • Added a new "What is Ham Radio?" section. See above...
  • July 4, 2018:

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Quick Link to QRZ.com callsign lookup

QRZ callsign lookup:  

Callsign lookups provided by qrz.com

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