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ICARC Sunday Evening Net

  1. Prerequisites <------ (Start Here)
  2. Introduction
  3. Upcoming Meeting
  4. Roll Call
  5. Traffic I
  6. Additional Checkins
  7. Traffic II
  8. Other Local Nets
  9. Final Call
  10. Upcoming Net Operators
  11. Net Rundown

Here is the participant roll, presented in various formats:

Status of the Roster Software:

We have made the jump to the abbreviated checkin sheet.
The next step is to update the processing software to directly deal with a marked-up "AS RUN Participant ROLL CSV" file where a character in column 'F' indicates a checkin.
You may use column "G' to record traffic, if desired.

The other versions are no longer linked from the web page.

link for updates.

        Notes are in RED!


If you are using the on-line checkin web page, please try working with it a bit before you run a net.
The web page is primitive, at best, and it is not difficult to discard your logs with a misplaced click/button-press.

There is no communication between the web server and the logging entries you are making on the web page. A misplaced refresh or back space will bring up a fresh copy of the web page from the icarc server, the result being you loose everything.

You can, at any time, save a local copy of the web page. That local copy can be brought up in your web browser, but practice recovering from a misplaced keystroke before the net.

There are two saved files (at least when using the machine hosting the website), an HTML file with your log entries, and a GIF file (image file: ICARC_Logo_small.gif).
Send the HTML file to the club email listed above and it will get posted to the website.

And, now that you're ready, a few minutes prior to the net call for a signal report to verify your station is working correctly and you're siglan is clear & strong.

Look at the Participant Roll File Information section, a bit further down the page, if you're logging on paper and forwarding a file.

It looks like we can transition to a more abbreviated list at any time!

Part 1, Introduction

        PLEASE NOTE:
            Do not think with your finger on the PTT key !!!
            If you need time to collect your thoughts RELEASE THE CHANNEL !!!
                Take your finger off ther PTT button !!!
            You may simply give out a "STANDBY" command to indicate you are not releasing control.
            When you hold the channel for extended periods you block EMERGENCY TRAFFIC,
                this is particularly egregious when not talking!
            Participants will patiently wait for you to return.

All stations on frequency this is callsign
calling the Johnson County Sunday Evening Net.
My name is name
and I am located in location.

This net meets every Sunday evening at 7:30 PM. local time
and I will be your ACE or Net Control this evening.
We now meet on the 147.150 machine which is located on the west side of Iowa City.

Please set your CTCSS access tone to 192.8 Hz for this repeater.
Although this is an informal net, it is a directed net.
We encourage participants to share ham radio news.

Stations with emergency traffic may break in at any time
by using the words “break” or “break emergency”
along with their call sign.

        You may wist to query for emergency traffic
            at this point before we get rolling.

        Poll for club related traffic prior to the roll call.
            (the club president, for example)

Club officers (and "gold" members) are sorted at the top of the checkin list,
this to allow for relaying official club traffic.
We will accept traffic from them shortly.

If there is any other high priority traffic please come now.
        We place the gap for emergency traffic!

Part 2, Upcoming Meeting (only on the Sunday prior to the meeting)

            If this is the net before the upcoming
            announce it and ask for who is bringing support
            equipment and such.

The monthly meeting is this Wednesday at the First United Methodist Church of North Liberty located at 85 N. Jones Blvd.
You will find directions in the upcoming meeting section on the main web page.

David, K0LUM, please report on the status of the Zoom link when you check in.

Also, whoever plans to bring a computer to host the meeting, please report your status as you check in.

Part 3, Roll Call

            The participant Roll has phonetic callsigns for your convenience.
            Don't take this as the use phonetics being required! (I just can't always think that fast:-)

I will now call the roll of those who frequently check in, starting with the club officers.
Please acknowledge with your call sign and let me know if you have traffic.
ACE (or Net control) will typically pick up traffic as you checkin.
ACE (or Net control) will then reopen the net for additional check-ins.

            The link to the roll call web page may be directly edited and saved.
            You may also print a hardcopy to mark-up the old-fashioned way.
            Note the addition of PS and PDF files that are more compact than
            printing the web page.

Participant ROLL and checkin sheet HTML   (HyperText Markup Language)
Participant ROLL and checkin sheet PDF   (Portable Document Format)
Participant ROLL and checkin sheet PS   (Postscript)
Participant ROLL and checkin sheet CSV   (universal spreadsheet)
Participant ROLL and checkin sheet CSV ABBREVIATED  (universal spreadsheet)

Part 4, Traffic I

I will now call on those stations with traffic.

            Call the stations with traffic!

Part 5, Additional Checkins

Any stations that have not yet checked in may call at this time.

            Write fast, listen faster!

Part 6, Traffic II

            IF you choose to split out stations
        with traffic, call them now, or simply skip this.

I will now call on those stations with traffic.

            Call the stations with traffic!

Part 7, Other Local Nets

            I dropped the list here and simply
            include a hyperlink to the
            "Local & HF Nets" page so I
            don't have to try and update this
            page when things change.

        Link to local nets page

            Use the back button to get back here...

Please see the Iowa City Amateur Radio Club web site at
www.icarc.org for additional nets, frequencies, club news,
and announcements.

Part 8, Final Call


Any stations that are still waiting
to check in, please call now.

            You may have additional traffic to handle here.

Part 9, Upcoming Net Operators

                Refer to the nets.htm Page to find the
                operators for next weeks net.

The Primary net control operator for next week is Primary
if the Primary is late/missing, then the Secondary (Secondary) is expected to jump in and take over
Failing that our last backup is Tertiary
Please jump in to start the net if you don't hear it starting as planned,
        passing control over to the Primary should they make it in.
                If, for example, the Primary would have radio problems at the start of the net.
The net script can be found in the ICARC website by clicking on
the red Local & HF Nets button at the top of all of the web pages.
The participant roll is linked near the top of the Local & HF Nets page.

Part 10, Net Rundown


This completes the Johnson County Sunday Evening Net.
We had count fast !!! participants
including the ACE (or Net control) and stations checking in via relay.
Wishing you all a good evening and thanks to all who have
participated tonight.

Thanks to the Iowa City Amateur Radio Club for the use of
the WØJV repeater and the WØFDA both of which are maintained by John K0GH.
We now return the repeater to regular amateur use.
This is callsign closing the
Johnson County Sunday Evening Net,
73 and clear.

Please collect you log of stations that checked in and forward it through this link.
This email link is obscured to prevent the harvesting of the email address.
You may find it convenient to use the link to discover the address, copy it, and then use it directly.

The Participant ROLL

The Participant ROLL lists those who have checked into the net and the last time that they called in.
This file is used to produce the HTML page and the printable log sheets (i.e. the PDF and PS files).

The program that produces these files looks at the current date and the ACTIVE field in the Participant ROLL when producing output files.
If the ACTIVE field is more than 60 days old, the entry is not printed.
The entry need not be removed from the Participant ROLL file, it is simply not included in the output files.

If someone returns to being active, we don't have to gather all their information to re-instate them.
The AS RUN Participant ROLL has the complete list of those that have checked in over several years (i.e. since Jeff has updated the list).
The list is on the same order as you see in the HTML/PDF/PS files.

There is also an abbreviated roll, with only station names that will work with the update procedures.
This Abbreviated Participant ROLL has only the station callsigns.
You can use this list to edit out (i.e. delete lines) stations that didn't call. Any stations that weren't on the list can simply be entered in the file.
Send it to the ICARC mail address and we're all set!

Participant ROLL File Format

A CSV (Comma Seperated Value) file with at least 5 columns.
These first 5 columns need to be kept in this order:
        KC0JFQ,Willy,North Liberty,T,a
        WB0VZK,Dennis,North Liberty,V,2023/10/8

  1. "STATION"
            participants station callsign
  2. "NAME"
            participants name
  3. "LOC"
            participants location, i.e. a city
  4. "OFFICE"
            participants status indicator
    • "P" President
    • "V" Vice President
    • "S" Secretary
    • "T" Treasurer
    • "X" Repeater Trustee
    • "G" Gold Member
    • "H" Silver Member
    • "*" Sorted Member (shows up at the begining, after Gold/Silver)
    • "." Unsorted Member (shows up after the officers/gold member section)
    • " " Unsorted Member (same as ".")
  5. "ACTIVE"
            participants last checkin
    • "A" or "a" (Permanant) Active
    • "N" or "n" (Permanant) Inactive (never show up on web/PDF)
    • "Date" last checkin date         click here for current date!
      1. "YYYY-MON-DD" Year, Month, Day (month name, case insensitive)
                Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
      2. "YY-MON-DD" Year, Month, Day (Month name as above)
      3. "YYYY-MM-DD" Year, Month, Day
      4. "YY-MM-DD" Year, Month, Day (2 digit year is OK)
      5. "YYYY-DDD" Year, Day-of-Year (for us old NASA hags)
      6. "YY-DDD" Year, Day-of-Year (2 digit year is OK)
      7. "0xXXXXXXXX" Unix Time (not for the faint of heart :-)
    • "0" ZERO, in Unix time this is early 1970,
              so this entry won't show up anymore.
    • ""   Unknown. Will show up on the list

Participant Report from the Sunday Evening Net

To update the participant roll, I only need the station callsign.
A simple text file (i.e. a CSV with a single column) is adequate.
This file is used to update the ACTIVE column in the roster file (all the other fields are retained).


If this is a new station, not already buried somewhere in the list, you may also include the NAME and LOCATION fields, comma seperated.
These two fields will be inserted into the list.
The ACTIVE date is added to these fields when I run the update.
Although the update will run some time later, it shouldn't be so far after the net to cause a problem.

File Naming

The update procedures run on a Linux box and make use of a default set of filenames.
Please send the update file as an e-mail attachment with a name of "ICARC_Checkins.csv".
link for updates.

The Participant ROLL Software

Descriptions of running the Net Roll Maintenance programs

The checkin update program

This program takes the Participant Report (this is a simple list of callsigns that checked in in any order) produced by the ACE (or Net control) and runs it against the Participant ROLL.
The date field in the Participant ROLL (of the matching callsign) is updated to the current date (or the date called out in the -D argument).

Program Help Text:
$ ./roll_update -h
Sunday Evening Net Roster UPDATE (./roll_update) HELP HELP HELP
        ROLL_UPDATE_Version  V0.06
        ROLLLIB_Version      V1.0
    -D   date to log (otherwise uses current date)
    -i   SundayNet_IN_Roster.csv
    -c   ICARC_Checkins.csv
    -o   SundayNet_OUT_Roster.csv
      This utility rebuilds the "SundayNet_OUT_Roster.csv" output file
    from the "SundayNet_IN_Roster.csv" input file.
    Copy the "SundayNets_Roster.csv" file down into a working directory, 
    run the update (./roll_update) in that working directory.
    Finally, copy the "SundayNet_OUT_Roster.csv" file 
    back up to "SundayNets_Roster.csv"
      OLD Participant ROLL:  "SundayNet_IN_Roster.csv"
      Participant Report:    "ICARC_Checkins.csv" (from ACE)
      NEW Participant ROLL:  "SundayNet_OUT_Roster.csv"
      Abbreviated Participant ROLL file formed from the
          "NEW Participant ROLL" filename.
    > #!/usr/bin/bash 
    > cd ...ICARC
    > cd Sunday_Net
    > # 
    > # Copy files to the working directory
    > # 
    >  cp ../SundayNets_Roster.csv SundayNet_IN_Roster.csv
    >  cp ../ICARC_Checkins.csv .
    > # 
    > # Process the update
    > # 
    >  ./roll_update
    > # 
    > # Rename last weeks list (i.e. do NOT delete it!)
    > # 
    >  mv ../SundayNets_Roster.csv ../Roster_yyyy_mm_dd.csv
    >  mv ../ICARC_Checkins.csv ../Checkins_yyyy_mm_dd.csv
    > # 
    > # Verify that the "SundayNet_OUT_Roster.csv" file is correct...
    > #   and the copy it back up
    > # 
    >  cp SundayNet_OUT_Roster.csv ../SundayNets_Roster.csv
    >  cd ..
    >  ./mail_list.bash

The list update program

This program takes the new Participant ROLL and recreates all of the web pages and the printable log sheets.

Taking a look at the Sample Output from running the roll: below, you will notice that the Participant ROLL is sorted prior to use, keeping the callsigns in order.

Program Help Text:
$ ./roll -h
Sunday Evening Net Roster (./roll) HELP HELP HELP
        ROLL_Version     V1.19
        ROLLPS_Version   V1.3
        ROLLLIB_Version  V1.0
      This updates the web pages, PDF, PS, and HTML
    with the latest roster.
   Input Files:
        Input File:            SundayNets_Roster.csv
   Output Files:
        Ordered File:          Sunday_As_Run.csv
        Abbreviated File:      Sunday_As_Run_abb.csv
        UNsorted File:         rollus.csv
        Sorted 1 File:         rolls1.csv
        Sorted 2 File:         rolls2.csv
        Sorted FFA File:       rollffa.csv
        UNsorted HTML File:    rollus.html
        Sorted 1 HTML File:    rolls1.html
        Sorted 2 HTML File:    rolls2.html
        Sorted FFA HTML File:  rollffa.html
    -H and -h  this HELP file.
    -C         Club Name (top of pages)
    -c         Club Initials (top of pages)
    -P         Produced by (bottom of page)
    -t     Inactivity timeout (60.0 days)
    -q         remove output

Sample Output from running the roll-update:
This updates the roll CSV files
Notice the filenames get twiddled to hold the date the net was run.
$ ./update.sh
...source/roll_update \
        -D 2023-NOV-19 \
        -i SundayNet_Roster_2023-NOV-12.csv \
        -c ICARC_Checkins_2023-NOV-19.csv \
        -o SundayNet_Roster_2023-NOV-19.csv
    ROSTER FILE "SundayNet_Roster_2023-NOV-12.csv"
   CHECKIN FILE "ICARC_Checkins_2023-NOV-19.csv" (ASRUN file)
NEW ROSTER FILE "SundayNet_Roster_2023-NOV-19.csv"
Abb ROSTER FILE "SundayNet_Roster_2023-NOV-19_abb.csv"
CWD: ...ICARC/Sunday_Net
cp \
        SundayNet_Roster_2023-NOV-19.csv \
cp \
        SundayNet_Roster_2023-NOV-19_abb.csv \
The time-stamped files are preserved in the Sunday_Net subdirectory.
The names are normalized as they are copied back up to the ICARC directory.

Sample Output from running the roll:
This updates the website files
This deals with the update roster web page, the PS and PDF files and copying everything over to the web directory to be accessed from the web.
$ ./ZZZ_Roster.sh
Sunday Evening Net Roster (source/roll)
 Input File:              SundayNets_Roster.csv
 Unsorted Output:                   rollus.csv
 Sorted by column 1:                rolls1.csv
 Sorted by column 2:                rolls2.csv
 HTML Unsorted Output:              rollus.csv  reformatted to  rollus.html
 HTML Sorted by column 1:           rolls1.csv  reformatted to  rolls1.html
 HTML Sorted by column 2:           rolls2.csv  reformatted to  rolls2.html
 HTML Selected for FFA:   SundayNets_Roster.csv  reformatted to  rollffa.csv
 Input CSV file
    Column A: Station
    Column B: Name
    Column C: Location
    Column D: Office
    Column E: Last Checkin
    Column F: Checkin flag
    Column G: Traffic
    Column H: Spare
 Intermediate CSV file for sorting
    Column A: Call Size
    Column B: Station
    Column C: Name
    Column D: Location
    Column E: Office
    Column F: Last Checkin
    Column G: Checkin flag
    Column H: Traffic
    Column I: Spare
 677  0x1c5ffb0=fopen("SundayNets_Roster.csv", "r"); // file from Jeff
 689  0x1c606b0=fopen("rollus.csv", "w");
 726   SORT     "sort -u --field-separator=',' -k 1 -o rolls1.csv rollus.csv "
 735   SORT     "sort -u --field-separator=',' -k 2 -o rolls2.csv rollus.csv "
1722         93=reorder(SundayNets_Roster.csv, rollus.csv, rolls1.csv, rolls2.csv);
 858  0x1c5ffb0=fopen("rollus.csv", "r");
 876  0x1c606b0=fopen("rollus.html", "w");
 858  0x1c608e0=fopen("rolls1.csv", "r");
 876  0x1c60b10=fopen("rolls1.html", "w");
 858  0x1c60d40=fopen("rolls2.csv", "r");
 876  0x1c60f70=fopen("rolls2.html", "w");
1272  0x1c67b50=fopen("rollffa.csv", "r");
1285  0x1c67d80=fopen("rollffa.html", "w");

1754        ---- ---- ROLLS2 ---- ---- 
1765  0x1c69fd0=fopen("rolls2.csv", "r");
1795  0x1c6a200=fopen("Sunday_As_Run.csv", "w");
1798  0x1c6a430=fopen("Sunday_As_Run_abb.csv", "w");
1802          0=ROLLPS_us (0x1c6a200, 0x1c5f260, 60.000, 1); Sunday_As_Run.csv
1808          0=ROLLPS_us (0x1c6a430, 0x1c5f260, 60.000, 0); Sunday_As_Run_abb.csv
1820  PS2PDF   "ps2pdf rolls2.ps rolls2.pdf "

1827        ---- ---- ROLLUS ---- ---- 
1838  0x1c6a430=fopen("rollus.csv", "r");
1841          0=ROLLPS_us (0x1c6a430, 0x1c5f260, 60.000, 1); rollus.csv
1850   PS2PDF   "ps2pdf rollus.ps rollus.pdf "

1855        ---- ---- ROLLFFA ---- ---- 
1865          0=ROLLPS_ffa(0x1c6a200, 0x1c5f260); rollffa.ps
1873   PS2PDF   "ps2pdf rollffa.ps rollffa.pdf "

copy files to web directory

Last updated   09 April 2023.