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ICARC Sunday Evening Net

  1. Introduction
  2. Roll Call
  3. Traffic I
  4. Additional Checkins
  5. Traffic II
  6. Other Local Nets
  7. Final Call
  8. Net Rundown

        Notes are in RED!

link for updates.

Part 1, Introduction

        PLEASE NOTE:
            Do not think with your finger on the PTT key !!!
            If you need time to collect your thoughts RELEASE THE CHANNEL !!!
                Take your finger off ther PTT button !!!
            You may simply give out a "STANDBY" command to indicate you are not releasing control.
            When you hold the channel for extended periods you block EMERGENCY TRAFFIC,
                this is particularly egregious when not talking!
            Participants will patiently wait for you to return.

Now hear this! Now hear this!
All hands muster for incoming traffic.
This is your net ACE callsign calling the Johnson County Sunday Evening Net to order.

All stations on frequency this is callsign
calling the Johnson County Sunday Evening Net.
My name is name
and I am located in location.
This net meets every Sunday evening at 7:30 PM. local time
and I will be your ACE or Net Control this evening.
We typically have met on the WØJV repeater, 146.85 in Iowa City
although as of late we have been using the 147.150 machine, also in Iowa City.
Please set your CTCSS access tone to 192.8 Hz for either repeater.
Although this is an informal net, it is a directed net.
We encourage participants to share ham radio news. And some really bad jokes
Stations with emergency traffic may break in at any time
by using the words “break” or “break emergency”
along with their call sign.

Thise with the really bad jokes are aske to wait their turns!

        Poll for club related traffic prior to the roll call.
            (the club president, for example)

Before beginning roll call, is there any official traffic from the Iowa City ARC?

        We typically hear from the president concerning upcoming events.
        We may hear from the treasurer about how to remit dues.

Part 2, Roll Call


I will now call the roll of those who frequently check in.
Please acknowledge with your call sign and let me know if you have traffic.
Net control will typically pick up traffic at checkin. Net control will then reopen the net for additional check-ins.

            The link to the roll call web page
            may be direclty edited and saved.
            You may also print a hardcopy
            to mark the old-fashioned way.
            There are empty slots for those
            not listed on the roll.

participant ROLL
CSV from Jeff

Part 3, Traffic I

I will now call on those stations with traffic.

            Call the stations with traffic!

Part 4, Additional Checkins

Any stations that have not yet checked in may call at this time.

            Write fast, listen faster!

Part 5, Traffic II

            IF you choose to split out stations
        with traffic, call them now, or simply skip this.

I will now call on those stations with traffic.

            Call the stations with traffic!

Part 6, Other Local Nets

            I dropped the list here and simply
            include a hyperlink to the
            "Local & HF Nets" page so I
            don't have to try and update this
            page when things change.

        Link to local nets page

            Use the back button to get back here...

Please see the Iowa City Amateur Radio Club web site at
www.icarc.org for additional nets, frequencies, club news,
and announcements.

Part 7, Final Call


Any stations that are still waiting
to check in, please call now.

            You may have additional traffic to handle here.

Part 8, Net Rundown


This completes the Johnson County Sunday Evening Net.
We had count fast !!! participants
including net control and stations checking in via relay.
Wishing you all a good evening and thanks to all who have
participated tonight.

Thanks to the Iowa City Amateur Radio Club for the use of
the WØJV repeater and the WØFDA both of which are maintained by John K0GH.
We now return the repeater to regular amateur use.
This is callsign closing the
Johnson County Sunday Evening Net,
73 and clear.

Last updated   01 March 2021.