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There are a number of repeaters, both 2 meter and 440 MHz, available to the VHF/UHF FM operator in the Iowa City area. Most are club-operated repeaters, but some are individually owned and operated.

An excellent introduction to how repeaters work, including proper operating procedures, is available here as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document titled "Repeaters what are they and how to use them". It will be well worth your time to read this article, and perhaps even print a copy for ready reference.

Repeater frequency assignments in Iowa are coordinated by the Iowa Repeater Council, Inc. We have a condensed version of the complete Iowa Repeater Council list of all repeaters in Iowa avaiable here. Repeaters on 28 MHz, 50 MHz, 144 MHz, 220 Mhz, 440 MHz and 927 MHz are included on this list.

There are several web sites that list repeaters nation-wide. The oldest and most prominent is ARTSCI Publishing, but another up-and-coming site is USRepeaters.com. The excellent ARRL Repeater Directory® book (now only in the desktop edition), is available from the ARRL Product Catalog.

For your convenience, we have prepared a map of two meter repeaters within about 75 miles of Iowa City. (The map has a 50-mile radius circle drawn on it for reference.)

The following tables list all of the two meter and 440 MHz repeaters that we are aware of within 50 miles of Iowa City. If you know of others that we have missed, or if we have listed some that are no longer active, please drop us an

144 MHz (2 Meter) Repeaters
QTH Frequency, MHz PL
Callsign Sponsor
& Notes
Output Input
Anamosa 145.390 144.790 77.0 WØRFX Jones County ARC
Cedar Rapids 145.150 144.550 192.8 WØHUP CRRA
Cedar Rapids 145.190 144.590 192.8 NØDX Eastern Iowa DX Association
Cedar Rapids 146.745 146.145   WØGQ Cedar Valley ARC (CVARC)
Cedar Rapids 147.090 147.690 192.8 WØHUP CRRA
Coralville 147.150 147.750 192.8 WØFDA Coralville Repeater Club
Fairfield 147.330 147.930   KØBPR FHSARC
Iowa City 145.270 144.670 192.8 KDØMVJ Johnson County ARES
Iowa City 145.470 144.870 100.0 KEØBX Echolink NØRXD/R
Iowa City 146.850 146.250 192.8 WØJV Iowa City ARC
Monticello 147.180 147.780   WØCZO  
Mt Pleasant 147.165 147.765 156.7 WBØVHB WBØVHB (Echolink)
Mt Pleasant 147.390 147.990   WØMME Mt Pleasant ARC
Muscatine 146.910 146.310 192.8 KCØAQS Muscatine ARC
Muscatine 147.225 147.825 192.8 WAØVUS WAØVUS
Vinton 145.230 144.630 141.3 KDØDKS Benton County EMA
Washington 147.045 147.645 146.2 WØARC Washington Area ARC

440 MHz (70 cm) Repeaters
QTH Frequency, MHz PL
Callsign Sponsor
& Notes
Output Input
Cedar Rapids 444.075 449.075   N3AVA  
Chelsea 442.125 447.125 151.4 WDØGAT  
Coralville 443.775 448.775 CC1 KØGH KØGH (DMR)
Coralville 444.750 449.750 151.4 KØGH KØGH
Homestead 442.425 447.425 151.4 WCØC  
Morse 443.200 448.200 151.4 WCØC  
Muscatine 443.250 448.250   KØIIR  
Muscatine 444.275 449.275   WAØVUS WAØVUS
Van Horne 444.400 449.400 136.5 WØRTM  
Victor 444.950 449.950 167.9 KØTSK  
Washington 443.700 448.000 146.2 WØARC Washington Area ARC

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