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During threat of severe weather, monitor the WØJV repeater (146.85 MHz) for Johnson County Skywarn® Net activation!

Skywarn® Net

Skywarn ®  
Although the Iowa City Amateur Radio Club does not officially sponsor the Johnson County Skywarn® Net, this information is provided here as a public service to those who wish to participate.

The Skywarn® Net is an ad hoc net which may be activated by request of the Johnson County Emergency Management Agency, the National Weather Service or any local amateur radio operator when weather conditions warrant. The net meets on the WØJV repeater on 146.85 MHz. Trained weather spotters from various areas of the county observe weather conditions and report their observations to net control. Please see the Skywarn® Net Operations page for more information.

Weather Spotter Safety

Please read this page of weather safety information (provided by the National Weather Service) before you become active in Weather Spotting, and review it every month or two during the severe weather season!

Need to report severe weather in progress?

The Quad Cities NWS Forecast Office says this:

Important Note:

"If you are experiencing severe weather right now, report it immediately to your local Police Department, Sheriff's Department, or State Police and ask them to relay the information to the National Weather Service in Davenport (Quad Cities) with the same urgency."

Need to know the latest on severe weather?

The area Hazardous Weather Outlook is updated each morning by the National Weather Service (NWS) and gives a heads up for severe weather.

Local media outlets have weather radar and weather information

Weather radar is also available from

National Weather Service (NOAA/NWS) Links

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