ICARC Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2010

  1. The meeting was called to order by club president KØLUM at 7:26 PM. 20 hams were present.
  2. Club Secretary KØACP read the meeting minutes. Minutes were accepted.
  3. No treasurer's report.
  4. KØACP will be net control for coming month with KIØJP making a guest appearance for this next week.

New Business:

  1. A nominating committee is being solicited for 2011 officers - no one was forthcoming.
  2. W3ACO is organizing a CW practice session -- 6 members indicated that they would attend.
  3. ARES / RACES report by WWØQ:
    1. ARES / RACES meeting at JCEOC Tuesday, October 19 at 7:00 PM.
    2. ARES form to Rich Bingham.
    3. RACES form to be mailed, along with a copy of your FCC license, to:
      Dave Wilson
      JCEMA Director
      4529 Melrose Ave
      Iowa City, IA 52246
  4. This Saturday will be the 2nd Iowa QSO Party.
  5. Future of WØJV repeater - KØCF made a motion to accept the offer from JCEMA to sell the repeater to them.
    1. After extended discussion, the motion failed to proceed so WØJV will remain as is.
  6. At 8:40 PM the meeting was adjourned.

Craig Fastenow, KØCF, presented a program on the miniVNA Vector Network Analyzer and its use to analyze antennas, transmission lines and filters.

Art Peters, KØACP
ICARC Secretary

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