ICARC Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2010

  1. The meeting was called to order by club president KLUM at 7:36 PM. 26 Hams were present.
  2. Club Treasurer, KCJFQ (in absentia from the Bahamas) -- no report.
  3. Club Secretary KACP read the meeting minutes. Minutes were accepted.
  4. HamRad, WWQ:
    1. Exercise on February 2, "Operation FAT TIRE" - Communications room was activated.
    2. The object was multi-county communication.
    3. The VHF/UHF radios will need to be reprogrammed for local area repeaters.
    4. Desire to use WJV as digital ID.
    5. Need to relocate ICARC's beam and wire antennas out of the storage room.
  5. No Repeater report.
  6. Field Day:
    1. Site has been reserved.
    2. Albert, NPFV, will build a sign-up sheet.
    3. We may be 3A if there are enough operators.
  7. KIJP has offered to be Net Control.
  8. KACP reported that there will be a VE session next Tuesday 2/16 at 6:00 PM.
  9. KDIDZ has started scouring the countryside looking for active scouts

New Business

  1. WWQ has checked with our trustee and has permission to use the WJV callsign when the Johnson County EOC station is activated. It was moved, seconded and approved.
  2. Antennas need to be moved from Johnson County EOC within the next month. KLUM has offered to store them at his workshop. Moved and approved.
  3. KCF offered 5 copies of a plastic-laminated local repeater directory and map.
  4. W3ACO mentioned that more folks need to be monitoring local repeaters.
  5. WWQ requested the status of the 3 Davenport repeaters - no definitive news.
  6. KLUM was approached to support the Hills/Kalona bike ride. There was general interest in finding out more information.
  7. ABDX offered to assist with the bike ride on behalf of the Washington ARC.
  8. KLUM adjourned the meeting at 8:00 PM.


Art Peters, KØACP
ICARC Secretary

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