ICARC Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2010

  1. The meeting was called to order by club president KCF at 7:25 PM.
  2. Club Treasurer, KCJFQ, reported a healthy bank balance. $68 for field day, plus dues. It was moved and approved.
  3. Club Secretary KACP read the meeting minutes. Minutes were accepted.
  4. John will be going to the repeater in the next week to work on the autopatch and replace adapters with cables. Pictures will be taken. A conversation was had relative to emergency power, John will confirm.
  5. HamRad, WWQ:
    1. Communications room still being configured.
    2. Cabling is underway.
    3. Shelving is in but in a different configuration.
    4. Dave Wilson has requested that configurations be finished by the end of January and ready for a table-top exercise in February.
    5. Dan Miller, Iowa section coordinator, issued an update on earthquake in Haiti.
  6. WWQ has offered to be Net Control.
  7. Field Day:
    1. Site has been reserved.
    2. Albert, NPFV, will build a sign-up sheet.
    3. We may be 3A if there are enough operators.
  8. Benton County repeater is off the air, likely permanently.
New Business
  1. KACP is looking to schedule a VE session on February 9 at the Coralville Public Library.
  2. KDJHZ suggested that we engage the scouting group.
  3. W3ACO moved that KDIDZ, John, assist as webmaster.
  4. Officers:
    1. KLUM will run for President.
    2. KIJP will run for VP.
    3. KCJFQ will run for Treasurer.
    4. KACP will run for Secretary.
    5. W3ACO will run for Program Director.
    6. WWQ will continue as HAMRAD.
  5. KLUM reviewed some of his radio nostalgia.
  6. KIJP moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 PM.

Art Peters, KØACP
ICARC Secretary

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