ICARC Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2009

  1. The meeting was called to order by club vice president KIØJP at 7:25 PM.
  2. Club Treasurer, KCØJFQ reported a healthy bank balance. It was moved and approved.
  3. Club Secretary KØACP read the meeting minutes. There was a correction to the minutes by clarifying the course titles.
  4. No Repeater report; however the repeater appears to be functioning correctly excepting the autopatch.
  5. HamRad, WWØQ:
    1. Working on making the communication room operational.
    2. Cables have been fabricated that are type N to PL259 and made by Cable Express.
    3. Field day radios and antennas will be stored on site.
    4. Configurations for VHF/UHF radios still being described, there will be 9 different radios.
    5. 31 antennas on the tower.
    6. WWØQ is requesting a reimbursement for cables totaling approximately $265.00. It was unanimously approved.
    7. You need to provide a transcript that you have passed the tests.
    8. Remember the keywords needed to pass the on-line tests.
    9. There is a need to offer to provide coverage for Cedar County Emergency management.
  6. Field Day site has been reserved.
  7. KIØJP has offered to be Net Control.
New Business
  1. Davenport hamfest was reported as only modest.
  2. KØACP reported results of VE session. A general session will be started in January 2010.
  3. NØPFV questioned the need for VE and general consensus is that ARRL the way to go.
  4. WWØQ suggested that perhaps a club meeting could be held at the new JCEMC.
  5. KIØJP passed along that WØIUQ passed on 11/10/09, a moment of silence was observed.
  6. KIØJP mentioned that officers are needed, Dragooning was suggested.
    1. W3ACO - club program
    2. KIØJP - VP
    3. KCØJFQ - Treasurer

KIØJP adjourned the meeting at 8:05 PM.

Art Peters, KØACP
ICARC Secretary

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