ICARC Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2009

  1. Club President, KØCF, called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM at the Grant Wood AEA. 16 hams and 3 guests were in attendance.
  2. Club Treasurer, KCØJFQ, reported a healthy bank balance. Only cost was renewal of PO Box.
  3. Club Secretary, KØACP, read the minutes from the September meeting.
  4. HAMRAD, WWØQ, reported:
    1. Alpha-Delta HF antenna is in place; apex is between 55 and 65 ft in inverted-V configuration.
    2. Antennas at 165', 120' and 85' for VHF/UHF.
    3. Cabling for VHF/UHF in place.
    4. Cabling for HF still in question.
    5. Type N connectors on cables.
    6. Top connector is highest antenna, and so on...
    7. Contractors to be finished at the end of (some) month.
    8. Placement of radios is underway.
    9. Received a letter from JCEMA for Dwayne Arnold participation.
    10. Joint Communication Center is South and West of Chatham Oaks.
    11. JCEMA Operators must be NIMS700, IC100 and IC200 course certified.
    12. This design is top notch and the closest comparison is in Phoenix.
    13. Go live Summer 2010.
    14. Mike Sullivan will be Center Manager in residence as will Dave Wilson.
    15. 100 KW Diesel Generator, with 1 week diesel on-hand.
    16. Tower is 165' free standing.
    17. The Center can handle 12 dispatch positions.
    18. Comm room has space for an additional dispatcher.
    19. Redundant antennas and radios.
    20. 2 refrigerators.
    21. ID cards will be reissued.
    22. Headphone only operation.
    23. Power is now on in the room.
    24. 2 matched Astron power supplies 25/35 Amp.
    25. Need documented procedures.
    26. South side of building has hurricane shutters.
    27. North windows are blast proof.
    28. Building and tower are grounded.
  5. Repeater:
    1. No formal repeater report was presented. However, it is still working and the squelch has been tightened up.
    2. The autopatch still has trouble with some touchtone pads.
  6. Net control:
    1. Net control duties for October/November will be provided by WWØQ.
Old Business
  1. KØACP reported that Coralville Library was closed, the November meeting will be moved to Thursday.
  2. KØCF reported that the KGØDL estate sale is proceeding.
  3. Field Day review:
    1. Upper City Park was viewed as a good venue and will be the location for 2010.
    2. 3A or 4A so there will be plenty of radios.
    3. Albert NØPFT will be Field Day Coordinator.
    4. Need to reserve the City Park Shelter.
    5. 8:00 AM June 26 to 2:00 PM June 27 with set-up on the 25th. W3ACO will reserve the shelter, funded by the club.
    6. Bands of operation: 40, 20, 15, 10.
  4. KØACP discussed upcoming VE session on 10/27/09 at 6:00 at Coralville Library. This is an ARRL VE session with KØACP, KIØJP, NOØB, and WWØQ as the VE's.
New Business
  1. W3ACO moved to contribute $50.00 to 4K9W for ongoing care. Motion passed.
  2. 28.850 MHz for local net after the Johnson County Sunday Evening Net ends.

KØCF closing thoughts... In 2009, Lowell, W5FH, has been licensed for 70 years, George, WØPPF, 60 years and Craig KØCF for 50 years.

W3ACO moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 PM.

The program was a presentation by W3ACO on predicting sunspot cycles.

Art Peters, KØACP
ICARC Secretary

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