ICARC Meeting Minutes

April 1, 2009

  1. Club President KØCF called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM at the Grant Wood AEA Building. 20 hams were in attendance.
  2. Club Treasurer KCØJFQ reported a healthy bank balance.
  3. Club Secretary, KØACP, read the minutes from the March meeting. Minutes were approved.
  4. HAMRAD -- WWØQ, reported:
    1. WWØQ collected additional information for the Johnson County Emergency Management Agency, JCEMA.
    2. JCEMA was going to use its Code Red designation to page weather spotters as part of their emergency response to severe weather.
    3. The new JCEMA building - Emergency Operations Center, EOC, will have Ham facilities that support HF (160 - 6m), VHF (2m), and Packet communications.
    4. IS700, IS100A, and IS200A test certifications are required to work in the EOC. These exams are available on-line at no cost.
    5. The May ICARC meeting will have information regarding a DVD on NIMS - National Incident Management System.
    6. WWØQ was unanimously elected to permanent HAMRAD Director. Congratulations Rich!
    7. Up to a $60 expense was authorized so that WWØQ could purchase text messaging (SMS) software to page out on Tornado Warnings.
  5. Repeater:
    1. No formal repeater report was presented.
  6. Net control:
    1. Net control duties for May will be provided by WWØQ.

Old Business

  1. The club decided to participate in Hooverfest and will use the trap vertical for the demonstration.
  2. Field Day 09-
    1. Shelter in Upper City Park has been reserved
    2. May meeting will be dedicated to planning for field day

New Business

  1. W3ACO will provide his spud gun to raise field day antennas. He also will lead an antenna party that will look at constructing 80 & 40 m dipoles; 20 & 15 m moxons and a 40 m Bruce. Construction will be done in May out of #14 stranded wire.

WWØQ moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 PM.

The program, presented by Rich, W3ACO, was a complete tutorial on baluns - where and when to use them, how to build your own and what type is required for various situations. Another outstanding presentation by W3ACO!

Respectfully submitted,
Art Peters, KØACP
ICARC Secretary

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