ICARC Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2008

  1. Club President KIJP called the meeting to order at 7:27 PM at the Grant Wood AEA Building. 28 hams were in attendance.
  2. Treasurer's report: KCJFQ reported a healthy bank balance.
  3. Secretary's report: The November 2008 meeting minutes were read and approved, after making one revision.
  4. HAMRAD and Repeater reports: None.

Old Business:

  1. Membership Drive: Craig (KCF) reported that the drive was still pending with a target date of February 2009.
  2. Membership Dues: After reviewing the status of the ICARC Treasury, it was proposed (W3ACO) and seconded (KACP) that annual dues for 2009 be reduced by $5 from their current levels, namely Single, $10; Family, $15; Single Senior, $5; Senior Family, $10; Student $5. An overwhelming majority voted in favor of this motion. It was recommended that the club revisit the issue of dues structure at each December meeting.
  3. Election of Club Officers for 2009: No additions were made to the slate of nominations presented at our November meeting, namely: President, KCF; Vice-President, KIJP; Secretary, KACP; Treasurer, KCJFQ; Program Chair, W3ACO. All were unanimously elected.

New Business:

  1. President KIJP thanked the outgoing club officers for their service to the club during 2008, with W3ACO receiving special recognition for presenting several fine talks during the year.
  2. Field Day 2009: Following a lengthy discussion, it was moved (KACP), seconded (KCF), and passed that the Club hold Field Day operations in 2009. The pro and cons of several potential locations were reviewed before agreement was reached that W3ACO should obtain information from Kent Park for further discussion at January's meeting. W3ACO proposed that the club consider replacing its broken 20 meter antenna with a new one of modest price. This motion was tabled until cost estimates become available.

The evening concluded with an excellent presentation by Nelson Moyer (KUA) on low band receive antennas.

Jonathan Poulton, WØCK, Secretary

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