ICARC Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2008

  1. Club President KIØJP called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. Eighteen members were in attendance.
  2. Treasurer KCØJFQ reported a healthy balance in the Club Treasury and then presented the minutes of the August meeting. Both reports were approved.
  3. HAMRAD: WWØQ reported that, due to David Wilson's busy schedule, their meeting to discuss HAMRAD matters is still on hold.
  4. Repeater report: John (KØGH) reported that the noise that had previously plagued the WØJV repeater was no longer a problem, perhaps because the repeater has been moved to the middle of the room. However, he confirmed the observation made by WBØMCX that the autopatch does not work with all radios.
  5. KIØJP regretted to announce that longtime Club member Norval Tucker (WDØGDN) recently passed away. A moment of silence was held in his memory.
  6. West Liberty Hamfest: Dennis (WBØMCX) announced that he had tickets for the October 5 West Liberty Hamfest.
  7. Iowa City Senior Center Ham Radio Demonstration: Rich (W3ACO) reported that their final ham radio demonstration would be held at the Senior Center at 2:30 PM on September 25. The antenna would be removed during the following week.
  8. Membership Drive: W3ACO repeated his recommendation that the Club undertake a membership drive. To that end, he has searched the ham database according to zip codes, finding about 200 hams in the Iowa City-North Liberty-Swisher-Amanas area. He will work with KØCF and KCØJFQ to recruit new members via mailed flyers and/or e-mails.
  9. Net control: KIØJP volunteered to serve as net control for the next month.
  10. Lowell Dibble (W5FH), Joe Hetrick (KCØVKN), and Dick Lamb (KØKK) spearheaded an excellent program on CW, with Craig Fastenow (KØCF) and George Carsner (WØPPF) providing superb examples of key(er)s, both very old and very new.

Jonathan Poulton, WØCK, Secretary

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