ICARC Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2008

  1. Club President KIØJP called the meeting to order at 7.29 PM at the Grant Wood AEA Building. 15 hams were in attendance.
  2. Treasurer's report: KCØJFQ reported a healthy bank balance.
  3. Secretary's report: The May 2008 meeting minutes were read and approved.
  4. HAMRAD report (WWØQ): Amateur radio participation during the Iowa City/Coralville floods was not required at this time, because events were unfolding slowly. The Joint Communication Center will be built on Melrose Avenue, about 1/4 mile west of HWY 218. Rich had emphasized HAMRAD's wants and needs in a preliminary meeting with Dave Wilson about 5 months ago, but no further information is available at this time.
  5. Senior Center Demonstration Station: W3ACO reported that there had been a successful antenna raising party at the Center; he received help from KØACP, WBØMCX, NØRXD, KIØJP, and Craig (Center maintenance). The Hustler vertical tuned up on 15, 20, and 40 meters with good SWR.
    • The first demonstration was held on June 6 by KØACP, W3ACO, and WBØMCX. Ten visitors, ranging in age from 14 to 93, attended.
    • Volunteers for the remaining three demonstrations are as follows: June 20, W3ACO, KØKK, WBØMCX; July 11, W5FH, KCØVKN, WBØMCX; July 25, KCØVKN, WBØMCX, KØACP(?).
  6. WØJV Sunday Evening Net: KIØJP kindly agreed to serve as Net Control from mid-June to mid-July.
  7. July 9 Meeting: The Junk in the Trunk Fest will be held at the usual location on Heinz Road (in back parking lot).
  8. Solon Beef Days: WBØMCX reported that the organizers are requesting 12 hams to assist at the Parade on Saturday, July 19 (9 AM set-up, parade 10-11 AM). They will operate simplex on 146.52 MHz. A free meal will be provided for volunteers. Please contact Dennis, if you can help.
  9. VE Exams: W3ACO noted the need for 3 VEs to hold exams and encouraged club members to take the web-based exams to become VEs. KØACP recently became a VE (congratulations!), joining WWØQ and KIØJP.
  10. The program for June was a discussion of ICARC Field Day plans, as described below.
    1. Operators and/or Set-up Guys:
      • KIØJP (Pres.)
      • W3ACO
      • NØLBG
      • NØRXD
      • W5FH
      • KCØVKN
      • KØKK
      • KCØISV
      • KD6QPK
      • KØACP
    2. Rigs:
      • Running 2A again this year, with two Icom IC-746s from Jeff and Johnson County EMA
    3. CW mode:
      • CW guys should get together and discuss plans. Bring your own paddles!
    4. Generators:
      • Mark will bring his own generator - has long extension.
      • Harvey has multi-outlet assembly on a spool.
    5. Antennas:
      • Harvey will contact Dave Wilson soon to set up a time to retrieve barrels and ants. Envisage antenna party to get things ready - Harvey will arrange that. Ants already available but need to be checked and, if necessary, replaced:
        1. tribander + crank-up tower (attach to swing-set like last year)
        2. 80 meter dipole
        3. 40 meter dipole
        4. Joe (KCØVKN) has a phased array system he'd like to try
    6. Operating shelters:
      • Harvey will provide operating shelters.
      • The Club will cover cost of repairs caused by earlier damage.
      • The concrete picnic tables will be used as operating positions.
    7. Logging:
      • Mark will provide 4 networked laptops, ready to go with necessary programs installed.
      • KØKK offered a backup computer.
    8. Food:
      • Art will coordinate the Potluck Supper, while Harvey will coordinate Breakfast.
      • It was M/S/passed that the Club cover expenses for food and field supplies (e.g. gas for generator) to "reasonable amounts".
      • For the Potluck, it was suggested that the Club provide burgers, hotdogs, buns, pop, water, coffee and makings, plates, plastic K/F/S, cups, and napkins.
      • Members would be requested to contribute towards the Potluck.
    9. Schedule:
      • Set-up will be on Friday, June 27, beginning sometime between 1 and 3 PM.
      • Monitor the WØJV repeater for signs of life!
      • Antennas will be erected.
      • Dennis kindly agreed to stand guard over the site on Friday and Saturday nights.
      • Tables and shelters will be readied on Saturday AM.
      • We will operate from 1 PM Saturday to 1 PM Sunday (Iowa time).
    10. Bands:
      • The Icom IC-746s can run 2 and 6 meters and all HF bands.
      • Harvey will bring out an antenna to monitor 6 meters.
    11. Rule changes:
      • No demonstration station allowed for points this year - replaced by an education activity bonus.
      • No need for Mark to set up packet or APRS station.
      • We shouldn't miss the W1AW Bulletin this year!
    12. Publicity:
      • Frank kindly agreed to send out press releases, following the format used by WØCK in previous years.

Jonathan Poulton, WØCK, Secretary

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