ICARC Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2006

  1. President KØCF opened the meeting at 7:30 PM at Grant Wood Area 10 building.
  2. Introductions tallied 16 present.
  3. Secretary's report: Minutes read and approved.
  4. Treasurer reported $X in the black.
  5. HamRad: Rich, WWØQ, reported that the November 1 evaluated exercise at West High was an excellent demonstration of our Ham Radio skills.
  6. Repeater: John, KØGH, reported that controller is OK, but programming needs a little tweaking.
  7. Antenna analyzer is available.
  8. Nomination committee submitted the following slate for 2007 officers:

      Office Candidate Callsign
      President Jim Meade NOØB
      Vice President Craig Fastenow KØCF
      Secretary George Carsner WØPPF
      Treasurer Willy Robison KCØJFQ
      WØJV Trustee John Kauble KØGH
      HamRad Rich Bingham WWØQ
      Activities Eugene Alvis WØICY

  9. Dues Rate discussion was tabled. Deferred to Executive council.
  10. Moved, seconded and approved to donate $50 to Grant Wood Area 10 for use of building.
  11. Sunday night net: Nov/Dec KØCF.
  12. Recruitment flyer: WØCK and KØCF.
  13. Program: KØCF presented a history and demo on RTTY from the old mechanical monsters to the new Windows programs. No more screwdriver and pliers, oily fingers and noisy clickity-clack -- just the CPU, keyboard and display screen.

George Carsner, WØPPF, Secretary

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