ICARC Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2006

  1. President KØCF called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM at the Grant Wood Area Ten Building.
  2. 23 were present.
  3. Secretary read August minutes and they were approved as read.
  4. Treasurer's report of "X" dollars given and approved.
  5. HamRad: WWØQ reported he had a meeting with Tom and Sue of Johnson County EMA.
    • Evaluation test for Florida Power & Light will be November 1, 2006 at West High School.
    • Eat at 5:30 and begin exercise at 6:30.
    • Use 146.52 MHz simplex for communications.
  6. Repeater: John Kauble, KØGH, reported progress with connecting controller to RF unit, but had a resister burn up when power was applied. He contacted controller people for corrective action.
  7. We will supply communications for "Run for the Schools" on October 15.
  8. Club antenna analyzer is available for use -- see KØCF.
  9. Sunday Evening Net control: Jeff, KIØJP.
  10. Charles Buckley, NØPVE, has donated his Ham station (nice Heathkit equipment) to the Club.
  11. Program: George Carsner, WØPPF, presented a program on antenna design and software optimization.

George Carsner, WØPPF, Secretary

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