ICARC Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2006

  1. President KØCF opened the meeting at 7:30 PM at the Grant Wood Area Education Agency building in Coralville.
  2. Roll call around the room netted 20 hams in attendance.
  3. Minutes for July 12, 2006 were read and approved.
  4. Treasurer's report was given and a positive balance indicated.
  5. HamRad:
    • A big thank you was given to NOØB for his term as director.
    • WWØQ will take over for now.
    • Two exercises are scheduled in the near future.
  6. Repeater: John Kauble, KØGH, will modify a Motorola machine for temporary use while the new controller is being tested, then switch back to original gear after every thing proves out.
  7. Recruitment: on hold.
  8. Antenna analyzer: located and ready for use.
  9. Johnson County Emergency Management Agency 75 meter antenna is in the works.
  10. John Canady, WØJWC, requested club communications for the Run-for-the-Schools event. The Run-for-the-Schools committee will provide personalized T-shirts with your callsign for all amateur radio volunteers.
  11. KCØOOF from CVARC requested club communications for the PIGS (Paired Iowans Going Somewhere -- a tandem bicycle group) ride September 1st to 4th. Our day would be the 3rd while they are at Lake Mcbride.
  12. Sunday night net NCS for August-September: NOØB and WWØQ
  13. It was suggested by NOØB that the club have a table at the next Hamfest for members to sell stuff.
  14. Call for future programs at meetings corralled two:
    • KØCF -- RTTY.
    • WØPPF -- Antenna design and optimization using a computer program.
  15. Program: VCR film from CQ Magazine entitled Getting Started in DXing. It covered equipment, antennas, technique, and QSLing.

George Carsner, WØPPF, Secretary

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