ICARC Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2006

  1. KØCF called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM.
  2. Self-introductions around the room came to 20.
  3. January minutes were read and approved.
  4. Treasurer's report presented and approved.
  5. Discussion on CDs was tabled until March.
  6. HamRad report by NOØB indicated he met with Tom Hansen.
  7. WX spotting class 6:15 PM March 23rd, Building C, Johnson County fairgrounds.
  8. Field Day site at Hickory Hill Park, Iowa City permit cost $72.
  9. Funds for a replacement repeater controller may be available from Tom Hansen (HamRad).
  10. Mid-winter party was canceled.
  11. Sunday night net control for February-March: Jeff, KIØJP.
  12. Web page has been updated by KØCF.
  13. Antenna analyzer location is in question... Maybe KCØJFQ has it.
  14. Gin pole and rope at NOØB... Base pulley and clamp last seen at KBØVDO.
  15. Recruiting: make brochure and mail to area hams and to members not attending meetings.
  16. Program: Mark Atherton, NØRXD, presented a program on Packet Radio -- early history and activity today.

George Carsner, WØPPF, Secretary

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