ICARC Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2005

  1. KØKK called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.
  2. Check in netted 19 present.
  3. The Treasurer reported a positive balance.
  4. Secretary read minutes and they were approved as read.
  5. John Kauble, KØGH was selected to be the new club trustee.
    • Ratification of appointment moved and seconded. Vote passed.
  6. Nomination committee reported slate of officers for 2006 as follows:
    • President: KØCF
    • Vice President: KBØCTS
    • Secretary: WØPPF
    • Treasurer: KCØJFQ
    • Activities: WØCK and WØICY
  7. Visitations
    • WØDEN: weak, but stable
    • KØYEH: stable
  8. NØCHN thanked people who worked at the Eastern Iowa Hamfest.
  9. It was moved and seconded to let NOØB use club call for Geratol Net.
  10. Program: WAØITP from Ottumwa told us about QRP operations and showed 8 rigs he had made.

George Carsner, WØPPF, Secretary

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