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ICARC Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2004

  1. Jeff, KIØJP, opened the meeting at 7:30 PM.
  2. Introductions around the room yielded about 20.
  3. Treasurer's report: Deferred to next meeting.
  4. Secretary's report: Read and approved.
  5. Repeater report: Filed call sign with Iowa repeater coordinator.
  6. HamRad report: WWØQ to meet with newly elected sheriff.
  7. Hamfest report: Club share was $900, holding some money for sales tax and school tax.
  8. Election: Slate of officers for 2005:
    1. President: X
    2. Vice President: KBØCTS
    3. Secretary: WØPPF
    4. Treasurer: WØCK
    5. Program: X
    6. Hamfest: X
  9. President Jeff, KIØJP, lead a serious discussion of club finances.
    We have a fixed cost of about $1500 per year. The hamfest and dues just about covers this. A big worry is if the State of Iowa will require the big vendors to collect sales tax, they may not be back because it would establish them as a company in Iowa, and then they would have to collect sale tax on EVERYTHING they sell, even on out-of state sales. This would be a big burden on them. Without a good vendor base, our hamfest may not draw a big crowd.
  10. If the club is to stay alive, we need members to support our activities. This means YOU need to volunteer for jobs. We are all capable of doing something, and a lot of little things add up to getting the task done.

George Carsner, WØPPF, Secretary

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