Minutes of the monthly meeting of the Iowa City Amateur Radio Club, held Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 7:00 PM, at the Pizza Ranch in Iowa City, Iowa

Members present:

Club president Emmett Butler, KEØNBH, chaired the meeting.

Secretary John Nichols, KFØHES, read the minutes of the meeting held April 13, 2022. Several amendments were made; the minutes were approved as amended.

There was a discussion of security of the ICARC records. Willy Robison, KCØJFQ, distributes CDs periodically with club information, for other members to store on their computers. Willy gave John Nichols some CDs with club records to store on his personal computer.

Rich Haendel, W3ACO, said that John Kauble, KØGH, will use the water tower in Coralville that is 150 feet tall. John has been given verbal permission to build the tower, but not formal written permission at this time.

The 300-foot tower is not working. It needs a tower climber to find the source of the problem. If the antenna on this tower does not work, we may have to go back to using a 150-foot tower.

Rich Haendel will get the cost of 300 feet of coaxial cable, if we can go back to using the 300-foot tower.

There is no extra cost to the club for using ZOOM for our meetings. Members attending via ZOOM spoke about how valuable the ZOOM access is.

There was a discussion of broadcasting our field day via ZOOM. Sara Andrews, KCØCHQ, said that we can broadcast using a hotspot. We can get extra points by including participants from ZOOM.

The University of Iowa fox hunt turned out well.

Neil Johnson, NØSFH, gave a presentation on ARES and RACES of Johnson County.

Respectfully submitted,

John Nichols, KFØHES